Our Mission

Connecting a diverse community of health science educators dedicated to the advancement of experiential learning through collaboration, partnerships and networking

Our Vision

Revolutionizing experiential learning across health sciences education.

Membership: Open to all involved in the management of technology and teaching of skill competency acquisition within health science education.

Letter from the WCHSE executive

Over the past years, the executive has been looking for a direction for the group that will make the membership stronger and more representative of who we are.  During our discussions we agreed that we are not “just about simulation”, that simulation is just one of the many strategies we use to engage, empower and develop the learners we come into contact with. As a team we agree with this approach, with the ultimate goal is to utilize modalities and methodologies that best prepare students for practice.

We have also discussed that need to grow our membership and be more inclusive of the other members of the healthcare team. We want to incorporate and support inter professional education. Ensuring a collaborative approach when teaching students is essential, as one member stated “we need to practice how we play.” In our experience we still practice in silos and play in silos too often-despite efforts Encouraging interprofessional teams to work together in the learning environment is a beneficial way to develop this practice. Having a name and a logo that is reflective of this concept is important. 

In 2017 our conference was held off site at Tigh-Na-Mara Seaside REsort and Spa. The move away from hosting at a post secondary was a big decision as we had relied on our institutions to host these needed events. At the end of 2016 we have engaged the services of NirVana WEb Designers. They are the ones who have developed our website, social media, and logo. 


 We are very excited to continue to develop this website, it will be a great place for us to post questions, research, scenarios and upcoming events. Having a defined web presence provides a format for practitioners to connect and stay informed beyond the conference and provide a format of what we represent to the world at large.